About Us

Who we are

The Day 8 Business Academy Foundation is an advocacy of Mansmith & Fielders, Inc. It began as a result of another of Mansmith’s advocacies, the quarterly Marketing Rescue sessions, which have been helping small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) improve marketing and operations since 2004. These regular sessions exposed the organizers to the diversity in ideas and distinct needs of SMEs. Thus, as part of Mansmith’s 20th year anniversary in the year 2010, the Day 8 Business Academy was launched to formalize the organization’s intent to help SMEs on a full time basis. 

Now, the Day 8 Business Academy Foundation offers short online courses not offered by Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. at more accessible pricing, reflecting its commitment to the knowledge and development needs of SME business owners.

What we do

Day 8 Business Academy’s mission is for SME business owners to achieve and maintain prosperity and abundance. It does this by using its more than 10 years of experience to adhere to three pillars of commitment, helping SMEs:


  1. Increase revenues;
  2. Improve personal effectiveness; and
  3. Cut costs without cutting corners