Moving Your Training From On-site to Online

Mariel Foronda · December 3, 2020
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Although online learning has been around since the 1990s, global events have put more urgency and weight to shifting classroom courses to a digital platform. The speed has overwhelmed trainers and educators who are used to the traditional ways of teaching.

This conversation guides trainers on moving their courses from on-site to online in practical yet effective ways. Dispute the myths around online learning (and online teaching) so you can start to shift.

  • Take advantage of basic skills, techniques, and the simplest technology to run an online course
  • and then scale up your practice.
  • Pay attention to often-overlooked elements that are critical to online learning.
  • Tailor teaching methods to address different needs and requirements to stay learner- and human-centric, regardless of the technology you use.
  • Promptly move from doing webinars to offering self-paced courses so you can deliver classes on auto-pilot.
  • Sidestep the barriers of technology to deliver engaging online courses.

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Mariel Foronda

Mariel has spent more than half of her 20+ years career in a Global Fortune 500 company helping clients develop their people's capabilities by designing and implementing content management processes and learning programs.

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