Doing Well by Doing Good: 7 Uncommon Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

In today's hyper competitive marketplace, being good is no longer good enough. Entrepreneurs need to reach above and beyond standard practices to create a company that is not only successful, but that can sustain success and be a positive force in society.  Specifically, building a company that will endure, creating competitive advantages that are difficult to duplicate, and producing value beyond products and services.   

This talk is meant to inspire excellence, stimulate new thinking, and generate innovative ideas for success.  Case studies of successful companies locally and abroad will be used to illustrate best practices.  

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs  

1.     They have a clear vision and purpose beyond just making money.
2.     They don’t just hire good people, they build a winning culture.
3.     They don’t just have high performance standards, they also have high ethical standards.
4.     They don’t just learn on-the-job, they invest in employee education and development.
5.     They don’t just foster customer loyalty, they cultivate a fanatical following.
6.     They don’t nurture superstars, they create super teams 
7.     They don’t just motivate, they inspire 

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