ENTREP CONFERENCE - Innov8: How to Build New Business Opportunities and Success Stories


Attitude: Overcoming Personal and Business Challenges by Euclid Cezar

Euclid Cezar grew up without parents, took 9 years to finish college, failed in previous businesses but is now the successful owner of Famous Belgian Waffle with close to 500 branches in 5 years. LEARN WHAT HE DID AND HOW HE DID IT. 



Value: Boosting Your Business through Breakthrough Service

Mansmith and Fielders Chief Executive Officer, Chiqui Escareal-Go will share case studies and frameworks to guide your service strategy. Stand out, be different and learn HOW TO SPOT OPPORTUNITIES AND CREATE TRUE CUSTOMER VALUE VIA NEW SERVICE IDEAS. 



Trademarks: Protecting Your Future When You Become Significant by Atty. Alvin Liao Alburo

Atty. Alvin Liao Alburo will shares case studies and lessons about protecting your intangible resources and why it will create massive value for a company. Here is your opportunity to CONSULT A PRACTICING LAWYER FOR FREE!



Innovation: Key to Success and Growth by Josiah Go

Many entrepreneurs go into business without proper planning, hence, some 9 out of 10 business launches failed. Learn from bestselling author and entrepreneur Josiah Go steps HOW TO BEAT THE GOLIATH IN YOUR INDUSTRY VIA INNOVATION.  

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Oct 06, 2017