Accounting as Easy as ABC

Learn basic accounting in just one day!
This course is designed for busy people with no accounting background, but would like to know what accounting is, its important role in business, and how it can help business owners and managers make better business decisions.
I. Introduction to Accounting
Get an overview of how Accounting works
II. 7 Steps in Accounting for Your Business
1. Analyze transactions
2. Record transactions as journal entries
3. Post entries in ledgers
4. Balance entries in ledgers
5. Create preliminary Trial Balance
6. Adjust entries
7. Prepare basic Financial Statements
In each step, pitfalls in accounting will be discussed to avoid qualified or negative audit comments and result to a good management review.
III. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Understand the application of commonly accepted ways of recording and reporting accounting information and why companies must follow them.
IV. Understanding Accounting Methods and its components
Learn the following: Difference between Accrual vs. Cash Method of Accounting; Fixed and Variable Expenses; and various ways to record Revenues
V. Understanding Financial Statements
Know how to read financial statements for better business decisions

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Deadline :
Nov 08, 2017