10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Correct Them

Many entrepreneurs start a business without doing strategic reflections of issues or anticipate potential pain points that may affect their firms. In just 3 hours, this seminar will provide answers to 10 of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make before and during the start of their business. Mistakes surrounding issues below will be discussed and redirection given.  

Entrepreneurs and their partners, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs and their potential partners, are encouraged to attend together. Bigger companies may want to sponsor their distributors, dealers, franchisees and their partners as part of their strategic partnership program.  

Who are you?
o   4 Core Skills & 16 Sub Skills You Need To Have

What do you see?
o   2 Key Questions to Help Shift From Supply Side Thinking to Demand Side Thinking

Who will you do it with?
o   3 Tips to Find the Perfect Partner

What’s in it for everyone?
o   4 Indispensable Stakeholders To Be Mindful of

What are you documenting?
o   4 W’s of a “Pre Nuptial” Agreement

 Why will the customers buy?
o   3 Tests to Know if You Have a Compelling Value Proposition

How will relationship be formed and sustained?
o   4 Steps to Start and Stay in a Relationship

Can your team execute?
o   3Cs of Capability Building Needed to Execute Plans

How will you make money?
o   7 Tips to Maximize Your Profit

How will you identify and stop leakages?
o   4 Things To Monitor Even in Absentia 

SME Rate

( For Small and Medium Enterprises, use this code: DAY8SME17 )

Non SME Rate

( Large Companies- your 1000 will subsidize the fees of SMEs and losing companies )

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Deadline :
Apr 25, 2017