How to Handle DOLE Assessment Visits

Target Participants:
·         Contractors and Subcontractors
·         Business owners
·         HR Personnel
·         Compliance Officers
·         Line Managers and Supervisors
·         New HR Personnel
·         Expats needing this relevant information about the Philippines

Course Objective:   The present administration remains steadfast in its commitment to end contractualization. Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello vowed to reduce “endo” by 50% at the end of 2016 and wipe out “labor-only contracting” employment -- by next year. In doing so, DOLE has released Department Order No. 131-B on May 30, 2016, providing for the Revised Rules on Labor Laws Compliance System. This seminar helps business owners and HR personnel prior to, during and after DOLE  visits.   Are you ready when a Labor Law Compliance Officer visits your company? What documents should you produce? What should you expect and do during DOLE visits? These are the questions that the seminar aims to answer.  

I.             Contracting and Subcontracting
A.    Who is a legitimate Job Contractor?
B.    What is “contractualization”?
C.    Trilateral Relationship in Contracting and Subcontracting
D.    Service Agreement and Employment Contract
E.     Labor-Only Contracting – Effects  

II.            DOLE Secretary’s visitorial and enforcement power  

III.          Establishment’s Compliance Requirement  

IV.           Modes of Implementation
A.    Joint Assessment
B.    Compliance Visit
C.    Special Assessment Visit of Establishment
D.    Occupational Safety and Health Standards Investigation  

V.            Mandatory Conference and Compromise Agreement
VI.           Certificate of Compliance and Compliance Order

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Deadline :
Apr 20, 2018