Fast and Efficient Collection of Debts (Php200,000 and below) Without a Lawyer

Course Objective:   

An unpaid debt is truly a source of headache and sleepless nights for many creditors and entrepreneurs. The thought of going through a protracted trial is invariably exhausting. Worry not, because filing a case and enforcing collection of a debt with a principal amount of Php 200,000 and below has become cheaper and faster; thanks to the establishment of  Small Claims Courts.   

In this seminar, participants will be given practical knowledge on the procedures to successfully pursue and win the case in Small Claims Court without the help of a lawyer.   

Course outline:        

I.        Introduction, Rationale, Historical Background      
II.        What are applicable laws and rules?
III.        What are the prerequisites in filing a Small Claims case?    
IV.        Step-by-step procedure of Small Claims cases (Flowchart)       
V.        How do we initiate the filing of a Small Claims Case?     
VI.        What happens after the filing of the case? What do we expect?   
VII.        What happens during a Hearing?   
VIII.        What happens during settlement/mediation proceedings? Are these required?     
IX.        How do we execute the judgment?       
X.        What are the best practices in filing a Small Claims case?

SME Rate

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Non SME Rate

( Large Companies- your 1000 will subsidize the fees of SMEs and losing companies )

Closing Date



Deadline :
Aug 22, 2017