Give Your Business Its Own Identity: The Essentials of Trademark for SMEs

·         Entrepreneurs/ Business owners  

Course Objective:   Part of development of loyalty to a product (and of course to your company) is for the consumers to know whom they will be loyal to. With this, identity of your business becomes all the more relevant. Whether you are just starting up or have already established your enterprise, it is your business name, your logo, or any distinguishing mark that would separate your company and your products from the rest. This is what the concept of “trademark” is all about.  

This seminar will guide you in choosing your identity, taking into consideration what you can and cannot use as your trademark, as well as learning what to do when your mark is already being infringed by “identity thieves” who are cashing out of your hard-earned goodwill, and how to enforce your rights for the protection of your trademark.         
I.        Overview of Intellectual Property Rights
   A.    Reasons for Protection
   B.    The Intellectual Property Code (R.A. 8293)
   C.    Intellectual Property Rights
     A.    Copyright and Related Rights;
     B.    Trademarks and Service Marks;
     C.    Geographic Indications;
     D.    Industrial Designs;
     E.     Patents;
     F.     Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits; and
     G.    Protection of Undisclosed Information     

II.        Trademarks, an overview
  A.    What is a trademark? What is a trade name?
  B.    Functions of trademark    

III.        Acquiring trademarks
  A.    Registrability of trademarks
  B.    Non-registrable trademarks    

IV.        Common issues on trademark registrability and/or infringement  
  A.    Falsely suggesting connection
  B.    Identity with a registered mark
  C.    Colorable imitation of a registered mark
  D.   Likelihood of confusion ·         Dominancy test Vs. Holistic test
  E.    Doctrine of secondary meaning    

V.        Rights Conferred by Registration
·         Certificate of registration, duration and renewal of marks    

VI.        Cancellation of Registration
  A.    Grounds for Cancellation
  B.    Effect of Cancellation  

VII.        Assignment and Transfer of Application and Registration  

VIII.        Remedies against trademark infringement
  A.    Trademark Infringement vs. Unfair Competition
  B.    Damages
  C.    Other remedies    

IX.        Philippine Trademark Application Process           

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