Crisis Adaptive Selling

Rowen Untivero · December 3, 2020

Crisis disrupts the way business is conducted. Ask yourselves these questions:
1. What things, and ways have changed in dealing with customers?
2. How long will the post effect of crisis be?
3. Will the changes be temporary or permanent?

Waiting it out:
• when you are sure that things will go back to pre-crisis normal is called PATIENCE.
• when indicators show it be a long time for things to go back to pre-crisis normal is PROCRASTINATION.
• when indicators show there is great possibility of a changed future or a ‘new normal’ is called DENIAL.

One thing is for sure. Those companies and salespeople who can overcome denial and adapt earliest, will be able to hurdle this crisis much faster or even beat the leaders of their industry or craft.

To help those of you who wish to act now instead of sulk in denial, here is: ‘CRISIS ADAPTIVE SELLING’.

Benefits to the Company:

  • Equips their salespeople with framework-anchored strategies, techniques and tools to sell effectively during and after the crisis
  • Helps manage accounts and customers in this crisis-disrupted situation
  • Accelerates recovery in terms of revenues
  • Through crisis-functional salespeople, secure or take market share from competition

Benefits to the Participants:

  • Critical understanding of crisis-related, customer perspectives and counterpart sales challenges
  • valuable knowledge of 
    • frameworks to help systematize selling during and after crisis
    • situation-based strategies and techniques
    • practicable tools

About Instructor

Rowen Untivero

Rowen Untivero has 3-decade experience in Training, Consulting, Coaching Hundreds of Companies. He has developed Numerous Original Framework in Sales, Negotiation, B2B Marketing & Management: Selling Science, Nego-Math, Nego-Mapping, B2B Account Strategy System, 3D Language Wheel, CROSS Problem Management Method, Transitioning Matrix, Sales Management KRAs. He also has 3-decade practice of sales, marketing, management, having worked in Alcatel, Smart, Tupperware, P&G. He held directorships of organizations: AdBoard, PANA, PANA Foundation, Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), with academic and teaching Background from UP, DLSU, ADMU and University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Currently, he is CEO of Critical Link, KinetX and Connecting Mavens.

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by Joel Cacanindin April 29, 2021

We need to adjust to the changes of sales landscape. This course truly showed how. My sincere appreciation to Mr. Untivero for great wisdom.