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Legal and Recovery Remedies of MSMEs During And After COVID19

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Key Topics to Cover:

Entrepreneurs as Employers

  • on Financial Assistance
  • on Payment of Wages (including how to compute)
  • on Termination
  • on Working Schedule

Entrepreneurs as Debtors

  • on COVID-19 as force majeure
  • on loan-payment reliefs for MSMEs
  • on legal interest rates
  • on available legal options for additional funding

Employers as creditors

  • on COVID-19 as force majeure
  • on obligations under contract and breach of contract
  • on leasing spaces and recovery of rental income

Employers as customers

  • on Supplier’s Terms
  • on Lease agreements

Employers as taxpayers

  • on tax reliefs provided by the government
  • on minimizing tax exposure
  • on donations as tax deductible