Budgeting Your Way to Profits and Growth

This is a one day Seminar-Workshop on Budgeting with special focus on Small Business and its initial years of operations. The Seminar will discuss the importance of Budgets in Profit Planning and Growing a new business.  Participants will be introduced to the technicalities of budgeting and its impact to business but explained in the most simple and understandable terms for the layman.Course Objectives:

1.Seminar will introduce the participants to the financial tool of Profit Planning.

2.Participants will have a clearer understanding of how to apply Budgeting principles and practices in building their business profits and financial growth and succeed the first critical five years of operations.

3.The Seminar will teach participants the simple steps to practice Budgeting in the following scenario:
a.Starting a project 
b.Forecasting Revenue
c.Projecting your Operating Expenses
d.Comparing actual results of operations against Budgets
e.Analysis of variances and action planning

4.A discussion on Cash Budgeting will provide participants with knowledge on how to sustain their start up operations.

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( For Small and Medium Enterprises, please use this code: DAY8SME2019 )

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Deadline :
May 11, 2019