Strategic Controls in the Workplace


This one day Seminar-Workshop was designed to discuss and illustrate various internal control measures that can be installed in any business in order to prevent or minimize theft, pilferage, misappropriation and similar deviations to standard policies and practices. Actual stories of fraud in the workplace will be discussed to highlight its impact on the business operations. A mini-case study will allow participants to brain storm issues identified in the problem set and find the right solution to eliminate or minimize the continuity of the practice . The Seminar-Workshop will be highlighted by a group work where a chosen case of one group will be tacked by another group . The group is expected to do hands on application of Internal control strategies to resolve identified weaknesses of the case.


Start Up Entrepreneurs employing more than 5 persons, Operations Managers or General Managers of medium – size businesses engaged in trading and / or small manufacturing  operations, or newly installed Internal Auditors and anyone in the organization that wishes to strengthen controls in their operations.


1. Introduction to the Concept of Internal Control 
2. Definition and applications 
3. Benefits of Internal Control 
4. Recommended Internal Control –                 
a. Cash ( including new ways to handle Cash )                 
b. Accounts Receivable                 
c. Inventory ( including weaknesses in Storage and Deliveries )                 
d. Payables / Cash Disbursements in general                 
e. Purchasing                 
f. Field Expenses ( particularly Entertainment and Transpo Expenses )                 
g. Recording Revenues                 
h. Marketing and Promotions                 
i.  HR and Admin Expenses                 
j.  Financial Transactions ( handling rebates and Commissions)                 
k. Computers and Computerized Applications 
5.  Group Work on                 
a. Cash                 
b. Inventory 
6. Practicum                 
a.  Mini Case Writing                 
b. Problem Solving

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Deadline :
Feb 03, 2020