Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur


From his best-selling book. A two and a half hour session focused on discussing proven strategies that have work with him and also with other successful business tycoons in the country. It presents experiential, engaging, and educational perspectives on business for aspiring, starting, and existing entrepreneurs. Be one step closer in making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Prepare and equip yourself with the strategies of champion entrepreneur.

Learning session benefits

-       Learn to generate idea for your own business

-       Understanding business expansions

-       Learn to excel from your competition

-       Analyze on how to innovate your product or service

-       Understanding that business is just all about money


Topic Outline:

Strategy # 1              C2C or Crisis turns into cash

Strategy # 2              Dare to be different

Strategy # 3              Expand on Surplus

Strategy # 4              Benchmark and hit the mark

Strategy # 5              Dip your hand

Strategy # 6              Innovate the plate

Strategy # 7              Maximize technology

Strategy # 8              Colab-Coop

Strategy # 9              Lifestyle Check

Strategy # 10           Share the pie


Who should attend?

Target Market

-       Existing entrepreneurs

-       Aspiring Entrepreneurs

-       Business Executives

-       Students

-       Cooperatives

-       Public run

SME Rate

( Small and Medium
Enterprises Code:
DAY8SME2019 )

Non-SME Rate

( For Large Companies:
Your Php 1000 will subsidize
the fees of SMEs
and losing companies. )


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Closing Date





Deadline :
Nov 05, 2019