ENTREP BOOTCAMP (Day 1): Forming New Ventures


Many entrepreneurial ventures fail. Some started with a bad idea and have lost money; others ran out of cash because of bad cash flow management; still others lost friends, and at worst, even their personal goodwill because of the wrong choice of partners.


Entrepreneurship need not be by “Oido”, patterns of successful enterprises can be taught, and lessons in both marketing and management can be shared. 

Beyond entrepreneurship, the concept of Innovation-based entrepreneurs or Innopreneurs will be shared.


During the bootcamp, participants will be able to share and test their new business concept or validate their existing venture from fellow entrepreneurs.








  1. Established Entrepreneurs who want to evaluate and redirect their business efforts
  2. Challenged Entrepreneurs who want to know how to be innovative
  3. Children of Owners who would like to understand how to grow & expand an existing enterprise
  4. Aspiring Entrepreneurs who would like to know how to start a new business systematically




- Networking

- Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Being

  • Difference of entrepreneur and innovator
  • Personal plan vs. Business plan
  • Prosperity cycle
  • 12 key factors in 4 clusters
  • Competencies of entrepreneur vs. innovator
  • Quick exercise: 12Ms Entrepreneurship Journey Map

- Module 2: Articulating Your Business Ideas

  • Steps to formulate new ideas
  • Case studies on big ideas vs. bad ideas
  • Quick exercise: Is my big idea better than yours?

- Module 3: Assembling Your Team

  • 4 critical roles of CEOs
  • What qualifications are you looking for partners?
  • Common mistakes you want to avoid
  • 4 quadrant of founder’s dilemma
  • 4 critical skills needed by entrepreneurs
  • What to do if you lack these skills?

- Module 4: Completing Your Funding

  • Fund raising strategy
  • How much is your company’s worth
  • What are investors looking for?

- Module 5: Special Topics on Entrepreneurship

  • Personal branding
    • Why trust and believability is indispensable and an advantage in entrepreneurial start-ups
    • Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing
  • The WE Entrepreneur
    • The building blocks for the wholeness of entrepreneurship
    • Never confuse 5 tasks to 5 treasures
  • Open Discussion



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Early Bird Non-SME Rate

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Regular Non-SME Rate

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Closing Date





Deadline :
Aug 12, 2019