Developing a Resilient Sales Force

Ronnie Traballo · December 3, 2020

Under the new normal conditions, things will be different on how to lead and manage your organization.  RESILIENCY is a core skill needed by the sales leader to help him and the organization to not just survive and recover but to thrive!

What are the traits of resilient leaders and what can you learn from them? How can you transform your team and be a resilient organization? How can you thrive during these new normal?

Learn how to develop personal and organizational resiliency to lead your sales organization. Get insights from sharing from 3 respected individuals that have shown resilience and thrived during the course of the crisis.

Actual lessons from successful individuals and companies will be shared as well as workshops at the end of each module.

Benefits to the Company:
– Inspire your sales team to focus on the possibilities and new opportunities even under these trying times
Transform your company to be a resilient organization and thrive in the marketplace

Benefits to the Participants:
– Opportunity to reflect and understand self to rediscover passion and purpose of job/career.
– Learn how to inspire your team and help them be resilient individuals

Target Participants:
Senior sales executives and managers responsible for sales teams
Entrepreneurs and SME owners  who are in charge of a start-up or ongoing enterprise.

About Instructor

Ronnie Traballo

Ronnie Traballo is a graduate of Business Administration and Accountancy in UP Diliman and started his career in P&G working as a distributor specialist. He was then assigned as a Key Account Manager in Central Luzon. Later on he joined his family business, “Bomanite”, a leading global brand of decorative concrete flooring that they licensed from the USA. Simultaneous with this responsibility, he also became a sales consultant and trainer to various multi-national companies in the country. He eventually gpt hired as a full time Regional Distributor Strategy manager of Chevron (Lubricants Division) covering 10 countries in Asia Pacific. He helped transform and streamline the sales organization from a wholesale based operation into a streamined distributor based channel. After a few years, the family business, Cypress Bomanite, was offered a regional scopeand become Bomanite’s exclusive manufacturing and marketing partner in South East Asia. He went back to the family business and armed with his B2B skills, he established the regional presence for Bomanite in Southeast Asia.

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by Maria Josefina Pilar April 22, 2021

Thank you for this inspiring course! More power and stay safe.